5 DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Your Next Shindig

My family and friends love crowding around the photo booth area. To be honest, we’re usually the ones that take forever because we all want a copy of our own to bring home. If you’ve got a party coming up soon, check out some of these DIY photo booth ideas! They’ll definitely add a ton of personality to your photos.

1. Ticket Backdrop

Having a movie-themed party? Try out this ticket backdrop for your photo booth! It’s really just a matter of lining your tickets up and attaching them with some tape or poster putty.

2. Door Screen Backdrop

These old doors that are assembled together will make a lovely backdrop for a photo. This tutorial even took it one step further and used it as a wedding ceremony backdrop.

Tip: If you’d like, you can distress some of the wooden pieces with some chalk paint and sandpaper.

3. Paper Fan Backdrop

I’ve found it’s best to use different sizes of paper for this paper fan backdrop. Doing so gives the photo booth a bit more texture and variety in the way the paper fans are laid out.

4. Gold Sequins Backdrop

Add some glitz to your photos with gold sequins for your backdrop. I recommend having a few props such as metallic foil hats and party poppers for this photo booth too.

5. Scalloped Backdrop

Who’d have thought the secret to making this scalloped backdrop was to cut out equal sizes of circles of your wrapping paper? By the way, I highly recommend placing strips of tape on both the tops and bottoms of the circles. They’ll give a nicer finish and effect.

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