5 Great Places to Go Walking in Scotland

Combining breathtaking scenery, one-of-a-kind art and science museums, and castles unlike anywhere else, Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Take a second to enjoy these gorgeous photos, and discover 5 stops you have to make on your next tour or sightseeing expedition through Scotland.

Loch Ness and the Great Glen

A geological rift split the land from coast to coast, once dividing Scotland in two. Glaciers deepened the trench and the result today is a long glen of steep-sided, wooded mountains and dark, mysterious lochs. Castles and forts abound, bearing witness to the Great Glen‘s strategic importance and enhancing its dramatic grandeur with intrigue and nostalgia. And, of course, there’s the legendary Loch Ness monster, elusive but irrepressible, and still attracting scientific interest – keep that camera to hand.

Edinburgh Castle

Dominating the city’s skyline as it has done for over 800 years, this castle is a national icon and, deservedly, the country’s most popular visitor attraction. Din Eidyn, “the stronghold of Eidyn”, from which Edinburgh takes its name, was the vital possession in Scotland’s wars. Varying roles as royal palace, barracks, prison and parliament have all helped shape this castle, home to the Scottish crown jewels and the fabled Stone of Destiny.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Scotland’s most visited collection is more popular than ever, since a 27.9 million pound refurbishment allowed even more of its fascinating collection of art and artifacts to be seen. Some 8,000 works of major international significance are displayed over three floors of gallery space. The diverse collection takes in worldwide cultures, gives a comprehensive view of European and Scottish art across the centuries, and provides insights into 20th-century Glasgow life. Contrasting displays in open spaces demonstrate Kelvingrove’s quirky sense of fun.

Isle of Skye

The product of violent geographical upheavals, the Isle of Skye is justly famed for its towering, ragged mountains and wild coastline. Add to these a colourful patchwork of crofts (farms), waterfalls, an exceptional whisky, a castle linked to the fairy world and the historical romance of Bonnie Prince Charlie, and you find on Skye all the ingredients that best symbolize the Highlands.

Glasgow Science Centre

This £75-million millennium project is a pure delight. The heart of the centre is the Science Mall, a glass-sided silver crescent with three floors of hands-on exhibits, demonstrations and special-effect theatres. Adjacent to this is the world’s only revolving tower and an IMAX cinema projecting gigantic 3D films.

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