7 Cool Man Cave Ideas to Try this Week

Sometimes, guys just need to get away from it all. That’s what a man cave is for. In it, I can’t be bothered with anything happening in the outside world — it’s my safe place. And with these man cave ideas, it’ll definitely stay that way.

1. Denim Ottoman

This denim ottoman is great for hiding unwanted clutter in the man cave. Personally, I use it as a storage compartment for all my video game controllers, but I bet you could place just about anything you want inside.

2. Magnetic Bottle Opener

I like leaving this magnetic bottle opener on the door of my fridge. That way, I won’t even have to open drawers looking for a bottle opener anymore.

3. DIY Hooks From Wrenches

These DIY hooks are made from spare wrenches I had from an old tool box. The secret to getting them to bend is to simply heat up the tool a bit. Just be careful when you bend the ends together.

4. Wood Slice Serving Board

This wood slice serving board won’t cost you above $10, even if it looks fancy. Start by looking for dried and seasoned hardwood stumps. If you can’t find any, head to your nearest craft store and look for a basswood slice.

5. Wall Pallet Arrow

My man cave is my sanctuary. So to help me remind myself to leave all problems at the door, I’ve put in a wood pallet arrow on the wall. It’s kind of my way of telling myself to leave all the bad vibes outside.

6. Pallet Bar

Always dreamed of having your own man cave bar? Well, now you can make one using some pallets. Don’t forget to add in wooden boards behind the front frame of your bar. Doing so will ensure a sturdier furniture piece.

7. Balancing Bookshelf

This installation piece looks super cool and functions as an awesome bookshelf. Just remember not to put too many books on one side, as it could make the whole shelf fall.

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